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Webmaster tool plugin for joomla

and A good news!

JED Team approved the webmastertool pluginf or joomla. So, now it’s your turn to help me, writting review(good or bad), voting in JED.

What is webmaster tool?

Webmastertool is a simple joomla plugin. It will allow you to put verification meta tag for diff search engines like google, yahoo, bing and alexa which needs to upload a file or edit template manually. But using this plugin will save your time or help you to avoid using ftp to edit template files. Some months ago I developed same type plugin for wordpress webmaster key.

I think it will be handy for webmaster. Quick links for Google,Yahoo and Bing,Alexa webmaster tool

How to collect meta tags

I know max ppl are smart enough and can do it easily but some ppl are not mcuh technical and don no how to upload file or add meta tag in theme file and where. so, to get google meta tag key go to Google Webmaster, login using your google id and your site. See image bellow and check you will see something like this. Copy meta value (red underline in screenshot)


[download id=”27,20″]

Plugin installation

  • Download the zip
  • Unzip and install like any other joomla plugin
  • Activate it
  • Go to plugin setting
  • Add meta tag keys and save, you are done!


Webmaster tool for joomla

  1. I am use this. Thank you Manchumahara Dada. One things Please explain us "How to collect meta tags". Some people not sure in this.

    Wish you best of success.

    Fahim Murshed
    Gournadi, Barisal.
    www dot Murshed dot Net
    www dot Gournadi dot com

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