Left Grameensolution LTD. | Again a free life !!!

Just left Grameensolutions LTD. on 31st July. I was working there as an associate software engineer in web development( PHP+MYSQL mainly in Joomla CMS). I joined there 21st January and 31st July was my last day in office. I haved passed so many enjoyable days with my team mates like Shouman vaiya (Excellent Team Leader), Saifur vai( Helped me much), Zaman Sarker ( Koolest man in our web section), Mamun vai ( Exceptional web designer), Noman vai ( Known as DOC vaiya and always “khal kete kumir ante chai :P”), Billah vai (Helped me lot to learn new things), Shobuz vai (Nice guy), Harun vai ( Hope he will bring a sweet vabi soon !!!), Delowar vai, Akhi apu, Ratul( always in pressure with so much personal projects) and so many lovely friends. I am sorry I forget to mention someone. All of them were are really friendly. I will miss all. Hope I will start a new journey in somewhere else after 6 months. For some days a free life for the Manchumahara…..

Good bye GSL….

Such a nice day for me!

yah really, today I passed such a nice day ! Today I got  24 years aged. So many ppl wished me and I like to thank my parents, elder sister and  brother, all my friends and seniors/juniors. hmm, not this is again special to me because today I decided to discontinue from my recent and first job in grameensolutions.com. Here I am working as an associate software engineer in web development section from 21st januray. Hope I will get release from 1st august from my entire job resposibilities.