Few lines I follow in my professional and personal life both

1. Respect others if you want to be respected by others, sorry respect is not a one way game. Love could be !
2. Be polite , it doesn’t need to waste dollar to be polite.
3. Try to listen to others , it could be important what others are thinking, sometimes you must listen to rudeness.
4. Learn from others even if they know less than you.
5. After a certain interval like 6 months or one year, Update yourself , re-index your learning, finding, dreams, friends, loved ones and your knowledge.
6. You can not earn faith from your surroundings by just applying some terms and conditions. Sometimes you have to earn that or achieve that. Before expecting believe from others think yourself do you believe them or do you know how to believe others. Sorry believe is not a one way game.
7. Learn how to say sorry.

I try to follow the above lines every day in my personal and professional life, both. When every time I re-index my life timeline I found I have changed my life , my thinking are changed (I will say it’s improved).

I thought those few lines may help others to change their thinking and livelihood.