Vacation is already great :)

Just back from a long and great vacation 🙂 May be thing last two years, I didn’t take such long break, around 14 days, yes it’s true 🙂 Had lots of fun with Family mates. First time some one from my family came dhaka to meet me, My senior brother and sister came to my place in dhaka , I was so happy to see them.

Senior Brother(Sumon) and Sister in law(Vabi) -Sanchita

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Such a nice day for me!

yah really, today I passed such a nice day ! Today I got  24 years aged. So many ppl wished me and I like to thank my parents, elder sister and  brother, all my friends and seniors/juniors. hmm, not this is again special to me because today I decided to discontinue from my recent and first job in Here I am working as an associate software engineer in web development section from 21st januray. Hope I will get release from 1st august from my entire job resposibilities.