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Vacation is already great :)

Just back from a long and great vacation 🙂 May be thing last two years, I didn’t take such long break, around 14 days, yes it’s true 🙂 Had lots of fun with Family mates. First time some one from my family came dhaka to meet me, My senior brother and sister came to my place in dhaka , I was so happy to see them.

Senior Brother(Sumon) and Sister in law(Vabi) -Sanchita

I am with my sister in law

I really miss my family, for last 9-10 years I am living dhaka for education and business purpose, some times feeling boring, sometimes just passed whole day with working. Whatever, left dhaka with brother and sister in law for sister’s laws home. My nephew “Avro”  is now 18 months and I think he is too getting more “Dustu(দুষ্টু)” day by day. Except sleeping time, he just try to do something or play with sometimes. I just noticed his only task is make her mom busy to take care him.

My nephew Avro, playing wit something

Oh there was a fair near my sister’s place, it’s called “শ্মশানের মেলা”, I had a great experience to see some special animals like 5 legs cow, 2 heads cow 🙂  wana see ?

A large snake

Cow with two heads

Visited  brother’s law home, it was my first visit there after my brother’s wedding. Let me know show how it was, had fun in Magura theme park 🙂


Got good wishes from a Senior, she is known as "মোটা দিদা(দিদীমা, ঠাকুমা)"

At last reached to home, passed 6/7 days with parents …oh enjoyed a long break. Though citycell Zoom model was with me always my lappy, email and small feedback to clients.

Back to dhaka Saturday and again life will be busy with work, work and work. But I enjoy work and I do it with passion, passing days with my dream

Seems I forgot to write blog, my last blog post was on Dec 25, 2010, yah it’s a long way. But good thing is I am thinking to write again and must regularly.

Wana see all pictures of my tour , see the facebook album.

  1. Now u can really see dada, what i have told u be4, vacations r always gr8! 😉

  2. আপনার বড় ভাই দেখি আপনার থেকে সুন্দর দেখতে

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