Bangla keyboard plugin for joomla default contact form


Yes , I am back with my another joomla extension and this time , the baby is a plugin named “banglakeyboard”. I am happy to contribute another extenstion for bangla community about bangla. This plugin will help to write bangla in default joomla contact form. It will add java script based bangla keyboard phonetic, probhat and unijoy (all are from ekushey team :)). As it’s the first release , it will do the basic things but soon i will update this with more features. Let me show you a screenshot first how it will look. Continue reading

Tinybn for jce as a joomla plugin

Dear Friends,

I know there is no update on tinybn for many days and it has so many bugs but I am not gone yet ! heh heh. I think who are very familiar with joomla and it’s content editor tinymce, are also familiar with jce(joomla content editor), a joomla conent editor based on tinymce with lots of feature. You can get jce here. Please check their donwload section to download the jce component and jce plugin/mambot(editor).

hmm, please don’t get sleep … I just made a plugin for jce to use my tinybn plugin directly in jce. No manuall install needed , I mean editing files to work with default tinymce.
So , here is the download file of tinybn for jce.


[download id=”11″]

How to install

1. Install jce component (that will help you to modify or control jce editor and install new plugin and much more)
2. Install jce plugin
3. Now install tinybn plugin for jce. Go to Administrator-> Components-> JCE Administrations-> Install (see screenshot bellow)
4. Now browser the downloaded zip file and install it.


that’s it.
Install finish 🙂 . Ok now go to article manager and try to open/write any new article. I think you are intelligent enough to make your editor default to jce or even disabled tinymce from plugins. If jce is your current editor and you have install the tinybn for jce according to instruction then you should see like bellow. Select keyboard and type in diff bengali layout.


mu ha ha…waiting for your feedback.

Bangla Virtual Keyboard Scripts for Web Pages is released

Lastly I completed the bengali virtual keyboard (both popup and inline) for web page. released these scripts.

News from ekushey site:

Bangla Virtual Keyboard Scripts for Web Pages is released. Sabuj Kundu did an excillent job by making this release. Now people who don’t know any keyboard layout for typing Bangla can write Bangla on Web pages. Somewhereinblog, Amader Projukti forum is using this kind of Bangla input system. Now anyone can use these scripts and let user input with Bangla on their web pages.

Both scripts are available here.

BTW, I am working to integrate bangla writing scripts like phonetic,unijoy and probhat to tinyMCE. For this I have already developed a plugin . It’s like a popup virtual keyboard and have opportunity to insert text by from it with fixed keyboard options. Now I am trying to do it directly.

Thank you.

Probhat web based layout

Today I am releasing the web based  script  of  probhat(প্রভাত) keyboard। Probhat is a bengali unicode based keyboard layout designed by Ankur inspired from Rupali layout. This java script can be used in any blog,forum easily to write bangla in unicode without any external software. It’s under LGPL license and any one can use it following LGPL’s rules. I have released it on behalf of amaderprojukti forum(আমাদের প্রযুক্তি ফোরাম).To download the file please visit amaderprojukti forum .

To test the script see these two inks:link1,link2.