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Tinybn for jce as a joomla plugin

Dear Friends,

I know there is no update on tinybn for many days and it has so many bugs but I am not gone yet ! heh heh. I think who are very familiar with joomla and it’s content editor tinymce, are also familiar with jce(joomla content editor), a joomla conent editor based on tinymce with lots of feature. You can get jce here. Please check their donwload section to download the jce component and jce plugin/mambot(editor).

hmm, please don’t get sleep … I just made a plugin for jce to use my tinybn plugin directly in jce. No manuall install needed , I mean editing files to work with default tinymce.
So , here is the download file of tinybn for jce.


[download id=”11″]

How to install

1. Install jce component (that will help you to modify or control jce editor and install new plugin and much more)
2. Install jce plugin
3. Now install tinybn plugin for jce. Go to Administrator-> Components-> JCE Administrations-> Install (see screenshot bellow)
4. Now browser the downloaded zip file and install it.


that’s it.
Install finish 🙂 . Ok now go to article manager and try to open/write any new article. I think you are intelligent enough to make your editor default to jce or even disabled tinymce from plugins. If jce is your current editor and you have install the tinybn for jce according to instruction then you should see like bellow. Select keyboard and type in diff bengali layout.


mu ha ha…waiting for your feedback.

  1. great plugin bro…
    bro is there any update for Joomla 1.6?

  2. Thank you very much for the plugin. It works nice for me like magic. Hope you will do better with joomla day by day. thanks again



  3. <blockquote cite="comment-11681">

    voreak: Could you give me some guide on how to design this keyboard with only one keyboard layout?

    seem that your language have 5 keyboard layout.

    My Khmer language need only one keyboard layout.


    We do hope to use your sample and redesign one for my Khmer language. as most of our people still have no keyboard layout install?

    How about using (…) as a button plugin for JCE?

    Hi, I think it will be hard to explain all in comment, can you pls contact me via contact us page, then I will reply you via mail.

    Thank you

  4. dear sabuj,
    again, excellent work. i was wondering if you have any equivalent of this for phpbb platform (latest version). have been looking for that for such a long time 🙁

    • I think it's not a good idea to attach/add WYSIWYG editor in phpbb but u can put keyboards like If I get time I wish to release a phpbbmod for this. I just need to find free time 🙁

      thanks you.

  5. This is the plug-in that we exactly wanted for a long time. Now adding bangla support in websites will be much easier. It is fully compatible with joomla and works without bugs.

    Thanks to the developer and specially for keeping it open source. Well done bro, keep it up!!! আপনাকে অনেক অনেক অনেক অভিনন্দন।

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