Easy PHP Error Debug for Joomla – System Plugin – CBX PHP Debug

I don’t see any easy way to debug or see php error log for Joomla, If I am not wrong. While working with WordPress I just put some constant in wp-config.php file to enable debug and display , log errors.

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true);
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

Then WordPress creates a debug.log file in wp-content folder. I don’t need to go to php error log file in the server to check the error. I know we can configure local domain so that the log file is generated in the joomla local site folder but that is also not native joomla solution ! I was thinking to enable something for Joomla but didn’t find. So, I created a system plugin for Joomla to make this easy. The idea for “System Plugin – CBX PHP Debug” comes here. Just install the system plugin, enable and configure as need “Enable Debug, Display Errors, Log Error in debug file”, save and you are done. This plugin will create a file debug.log inside Joomla’s logs folder as configured in the configuration.php file.

BTW, I copied the debug init function from WordPress 🙂

Download the plugin from here

Version 1.0.0 direct download here.


How about joomla admin branding ?

I think if you are familiar with wordpress then you must know there are so many plugins to brand the wordpress login page(as well as registration page etc) but did u think something about joomla admin branding ? like changing the admin panel header joomla logo or header color etc ?

Good news is I just made a small system plugin which will do some cool things. Please, it’s a start, I will add more features if you ask, just ask me 😛
Let’s download the plugin, it’s for joomla1.5
To download please click here.

Webmaster tool plugin for joomla

and A good news!

JED Team approved the webmastertool pluginf or joomla. So, now it’s your turn to help me, writting review(good or bad), voting in JED.

What is webmaster tool?

Webmastertool is a simple joomla plugin. It will allow you to put verification meta tag for diff search engines like google, yahoo, bing and alexa which needs to upload a file or edit template manually. But using this plugin will save your time or help you to avoid using ftp to edit template files. Some months ago I developed same type plugin for wordpress webmaster key.

I think it will be handy for webmaster. Quick links for Google,Yahoo and Bing,Alexa webmaster tool

How to collect meta tags

I know max ppl are smart enough and can do it easily but some ppl are not mcuh technical and don no how to upload file or add meta tag in theme file and where. so, to get google meta tag key go to Google Webmaster, login using your google id and your site. See image bellow and check you will see something like this. Copy meta value (red underline in screenshot)
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Social Share/Vote Button plugin for joomla content

Update 03.09.2010: This extension got approved in JED. If you like this extension pls write reviews and vote in JED.

All share count or “Social share/Vote button” is a joomla plugin that shows social share or vote button in articles. It contains all popular social network or share/bookmark sites that supports button/badge for vote/share. I was inpired by the wordpres plugin “Digg Digg WordPress Plugin” which I am using in my blog for many days.

Social share/Vote button

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Bangla keyboard plugin for joomla default contact form


Yes , I am back with my another joomla extension and this time , the baby is a plugin named “banglakeyboard”. I am happy to contribute another extenstion for bangla community about bangla. This plugin will help to write bangla in default joomla contact form. It will add java script based bangla keyboard phonetic, probhat and unijoy (all are from ekushey team :)). As it’s the first release , it will do the basic things but soon i will update this with more features. Let me show you a screenshot first how it will look. Continue reading

New installation instruction for tinybn in joomla1.5.14+

Here I am back with tinybn(bangla writing plugin for popular wysiwyw editor tinymce). Oh please don’t think that I am trying to show you smiley face with new version of tinybn but new installation instruction for joomla 1.5.14+. Today a new user informed that the raw installation instruction for joomla 1.5.x is not correct … code is not matching 🙁
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Home made tab and slider module for joomla1.5

Change Log:

Update 14, January, 2010

WOW, This extension has been approved by JED Team. Pls visit it and place you rating.

Update 8, June, 2010(Must see)

  • Fixed a bug for php error, it was a typo error
  • Transition parameter was missing for slider, it’s fixed now
  • Download file is updated! Please reinstall or update the files only. Changes are in the mod_simplejoomlatabslider.xml, mod_simplejoomlatabslider.php and helper.php file

tabIf you check joomla1.5.x backend(joomla1.x had same) in any component or module configuration the right col accordian slider is common. In some components u should see tab too.To make such tab and slider is just so easy !

I think you are thinking about my post title, why I used the words “home made”. Because I am going to show you how u can make such a tab/slider module for front end just using joomla own resource. Joomla gives some execillent api to make html grid, tab, slider etc within a moment. JPane is such an api to make tab and slider. Here you will get some code example about how to make tab using JPane.

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Easyfaq2 content element for joomfish2

I think you guys who are familiar with joomla also know about it’s popular extension joomfish.Don no about joomfish ? ok let see what joomfish is:

The Joom!Fish is your key for providing multilingual content to your visitors! International (i8n) portals, companies or projects require content in different languages and processes which help to keep track of the translations. The Joom!Fish extension for the CMS Joomla! does exactly this.

Ya I like another extension for joomla to manage faq easily and it’s easyfaq.

Easy FAQ is a small and simple component that allows you to add a simple “Frequently Asked Questions” sections to your Joomla site. It allows you to specify categories and subcategories and add FAQ to it. It’s allows tagging to create a second level of categorization.

* Define categories and subcategories
* Add FAQ to a categorie
* Add tags to your FAQ
* Show a tag cloud on your site

Now ? I made joomfish plugin(contentelement) for easyfaq so that you can translate easyfaq faqs, categories, tags etc via joomfish translalation panel. that’s it. See the attach file bellow for download . LEt me know if you get any problem.
Note: This is upgraded version of old plugin that I did for earlier version of joomla, joomfish and easyfaq. So you can use this new version for joomla1.5, easyfaq2+, joomfish2+
[download id=”14″]