Simple RSS2/Atom mod for phpbb3

MOD Title: Simple RSS mod for phpBB3

MOD Description: Will enable you to put a RSS feed on your phpBB3 Forum.
This rss2 feed mod show only those posts that the viewer have read authentication for.
That means you do not need to think about the posts of yours that has no access for normal user and bot etc.

MOD Version: 1.0.5  [ Last Update: 20.09.08 ]
Installation Level: Easy
Installation Time: 1 minutes
phpBB Version: 3.0.0 Gold or later
Styles: prosilver
Translations: English
MOD Format: MODX and MOD
MOD Download: [download id=”2″]

See my post in phpbb forum: link

Change log:20.09.08

  1. Fixed for feed validation error for relative path problem.
  2. Fixed for xml compatible issue for inline java script (Feed validation error)