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Bangla Virtual Keyboard Scripts for Web Pages is released

Lastly I completed the bengali virtual keyboard (both popup and inline) for web page. released these scripts.

News from ekushey site:

Bangla Virtual Keyboard Scripts for Web Pages is released. Sabuj Kundu did an excillent job by making this release. Now people who don’t know any keyboard layout for typing Bangla can write Bangla on Web pages. Somewhereinblog, Amader Projukti forum is using this kind of Bangla input system. Now anyone can use these scripts and let user input with Bangla on their web pages.

Both scripts are available here.

BTW, I am working to integrate bangla writing scripts like phonetic,unijoy and probhat to tinyMCE. For this I have already developed a plugin . It’s like a popup virtual keyboard and have opportunity to insert text by from it with fixed keyboard options. Now I am trying to do it directly.

Thank you.


  1. dear manchu da,

    I need the Banglavkb file. I tried to get it from ekushe. But their link is not working. Can u give me it please.

  2. Hello bro,

    I'm a php developer who is working with Bangla in web for the 1st time. I've use the avro and UTF-8 encoding. Everything is going fine as I can save show data in bangla in my site.

    But Recently I took a back you of the DB and restored to a new server but from then the Bangla is completely missing and its showing ????????? type chars all over.

    I checked everything is using utf-8 charset. I connect through Navicat and trnasfered data – result is same. In the old site everything is woring fine, but nothings working in he new site even in my local enviornment. FYI – I'm using xampp locally.

    Need the solution badly.

  3. i m really happy to get this script, i want to establish this script with my webpages, which will coming soon

  4. Hello Anis vai,
    There is another easy way for maping that is image map
    use map tag in html. some where used this technique and to insert the char in the cursor position u may use the java script code from hasin vai's phonetic script, I also used this.

  5. Thanks Brother.
    I m trying to develop a Bangla messaging system on facebook named BanglaTalk. One of the main problem here was including a bangla keyboard. Because Facebook is not supporting all general javascript. Just now I find this and I think some little changes can make it Facebook enabled. Thanks again for this great link.

  6. প্রভাত দারুণ। এগিয়ে যাও।

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