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Bangla keyboard plugin for joomla default contact form

Yes , I am back with my another joomla extension and this time , the baby is a plugin named “banglakeyboard”. I am happy to contribute another extenstion for bangla community about bangla. This plugin will help to write bangla in default joomla contact form. It will add java script based bangla keyboard phonetic, probhat and unijoy (all are from ekushey team :)). As it’s the first release , it will do the basic things but soon i will update this with more features. Let me show you a screenshot first how it will look.


জুমলা কন্টাক ফর্মের জন্য বাংলা কীবোর্ড

Note: This is plugin is compatible with joomla1.5.x only, I didn’t test for joomla1.x and have no inerested. If any body need it for joomla1.x let me know I will try to update 🙂


  Bangla keyboard for joomla contact form 1.3 (17.0 KiB, 5,007 hits)


1. Download the plugin from above
2. Install as usual as u do in joomla1.5
3. Enable the plugin from your plugin manager. As it’s system type plugin so you will get it in system grp in plugin manager.
4. Visit your contact form page …. working na ?

To do

1. Need to add language files
2. Need to add options to select keyboard layouts, may be some ppl will not like to add all keyboard
3. Have plan to add jquery version,
4. Why not make a mootools version following new jquery driver ? Joomla loads mootools bydefault.
5. Clean code
6.Compress js
7. Support other components used for contact like com_qcontact I like this man


Thank to you all who will use it. If possible pls put a backlink in your site to my blog site with rel=”follow” 🙂 No need to think about donation as I can manage my tea/coffee cost 😛 . Oh I forget to mention I followed a captcha plugin to make this plugin as I don’t have intention or free time to invent the wheel agan !.

Hei! Don’t forget to make comments and vote in joomla extension dir .. I will update this plugin and submit to joomla dir then it upto you how u will vote this and make me happy to see your comments. Any kind of feedback is welcome dear.

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  1. Hi, Is there any keyboard for joomla register/login. I need that badly so that user can write their name using banla keyboard. Thanks.

  2. i have installed it but when i am trying to enable it it shows the following error

    Fatal error: Call to a member function isAdmin() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\blog\plugins\system\banglakeyboard\banglakeyboard.php on line 24

    what can i do now!!!!

  3. Thanks a lot…

    onek onek dhonnobad…. wish i could make something like u to promote and use bangla in every single thing 🙂

  4. আমি এই প্লাগইনটি জুমলা ১.৫ এ ইন্টল করেছি। কিন্তু টাইপিং নির্বাচন অপশনে ইউনিজয়ের পরিবর্তে BANGLAKEYBOARD_UNIJOY আসে। আমার সাইটের একটা ছবি দিলাম। কিভাবে ইংরেজির পরিবর্তে বাংলাতে অপশনগুলো দেখানো যায়?

  5. thanks man! im sure someday i will use it and then i wont get you near to thank you and probably this is why advance thank. And another Advance thank for next updates and for all upcoming contribution towards the community.