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Include module in content item for joomla1.5

We can include module in joomla content. I think experts know this well but this post will be helpful for newbie 🙂 .Ok let’s start then.

Step1: Create a new module position
Normally the module positions available are all used in template , so we need to create a new module position. Go to yout current template folder and open the templateDetails.xml and go near

[code language=”xml”]
Now add a new line like
[code language=”xml”]<position>contentpos</position>[/code]
here contentpos is a new module position name. So the all module position will look like bellow
[code language=”xml”]
check the last line 🙂 Remember your new module position name.
Step 2: Add module position in content
Go to your admin panel and content manager. Open any article for edit and put code bellow in article in normal html mode. Default jomla editor is some kind of richeditor mode. If you are using default joomla editor then click the button ‘html’ ,if editor is jce then click show/hide. I am using jce editor, I always use this 🙂
[code language=”html”]
{loadposition contentpos}

module position in content

module position in content

Step 3: Publish your required module in module position
Now go to your module manager and publish module in that new module position .

Step 4: Set module position wrapping
Actually loading module in content item is done by a plugin, loadmodule . loadmodule is a content type plugin. So go to your plugin manager and filter plugins by content and check if the plugin named Content-loadmodule is published or not. Enable the plugin if unpublished. Go to the plugin configuration and check right side. There is option how the modules in content item will be wraped. See screenshot bellow

loadmodule plugin

loadmodule plugin options

That’s all , any question ?

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