Easyfaq2 content element for joomfish2

I think you guys who are familiar with joomla also know about it’s popular extension joomfish.Don no about joomfish ? ok let see what joomfish is:

The Joom!Fish is your key for providing multilingual content to your visitors! International (i8n) portals, companies or projects require content in different languages and processes which help to keep track of the translations. The Joom!Fish extension for the CMS Joomla! does exactly this.

Ya I like another extension for joomla to manage faq easily and it’s easyfaq.

Easy FAQ is a small and simple component that allows you to add a simple “Frequently Asked Questions” sections to your Joomla site. It allows you to specify categories and subcategories and add FAQ to it. It’s allows tagging to create a second level of categorization.

* Define categories and subcategories
* Add FAQ to a categorie
* Add tags to your FAQ
* Show a tag cloud on your site

Now ? I made joomfish plugin(contentelement) for easyfaq so that you can translate easyfaq faqs, categories, tags etc via joomfish translalation panel. that’s it. See the attach file bellow for download . LEt me know if you get any problem.
Note: This is upgraded version of old plugin that I did for earlier version of joomla, joomfish and easyfaq. So you can use this new version for joomla1.5, easyfaq2+, joomfish2+
[download id=”14″]

Easy faq plugin for Joom!Fish

Update: 18, November, 2009
Note: Please check new version of this plugin that is compatible with joomla1.5, joomfish2+ and easyfaq2+.

Joom!Fish is joomla extention  or tool to make multilingual site . Actually  it’s used for  translation in any languge. Joom!Fish has built in support for some component but no plugin for EasyFaq ( Another popular joomla extention-component to make FAQ  in a short time).

Today I developed the easyfaq plugin for Joom!Fish. It’s easy to make plugin for Joom!Fish :D. I will write a tutorial to make plugin for Joom!Fish to make translation support for any component.

Don’t forget to give me feedback if it helps you :P.

Download: Link