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Left Grameensolution LTD. | Again a free life !!!

Just left Grameensolutions LTD. on 31st July. I was working there as an associate software engineer in web development( PHP+MYSQL mainly in Joomla CMS). I joined there 21st January and 31st July was my last day in office. I haved passed so many enjoyable days with my team mates like Shouman vaiya (Excellent Team Leader), Saifur vai( Helped me much), Zaman Sarker ( Koolest man in our web section), Mamun vai ( Exceptional web designer), Noman vai ( Known as DOC vaiya and always “khal kete kumir ante chai :P”), Billah vai (Helped me lot to learn new things), Shobuz vai (Nice guy), Harun vai ( Hope he will bring a sweet vabi soon !!!), Delowar vai, Akhi apu, Ratul( always in pressure with so much personal projects) and so many lovely friends. I am sorry I forget to mention someone. All of them were are really friendly. I will miss all. Hope I will start a new journey in somewhere else after 6 months. For some days a free life for the Manchumahara…..

Good bye GSL….

  1. Thanks saifur vai. You are genius and helpfull too.I will never forget some ex-colleagues like you, souman vai, mamun vai…

  2. You are one of the genius ex-colleague I met throughout my professional life. Always wish you good luck. Hope for the best man….. stay fine and keep it touch.

  3. I have said goodbyes to many of my colleagues in different times. First time I felt something missing, which did not let me to say a smiling goodbye for Manchu. But indeed, I did that by heart's best wishes.

    Take Care.

  4. We always with you. But please leave Joomla ASAP. Do some creative job.

  5. Hmm…. When we pass through various stage of our life we often have to leave sweet memories behind. But don't forget those sweet memories, those will be learning for better future. Stay fine. 🙂

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