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Social Share/Vote Button plugin for joomla content

Update 03.09.2010: This extension got approved in JED. If you like this extension pls write reviews and vote in JED.

All share count or “Social share/Vote button” is a joomla plugin that shows social share or vote button in articles. It contains all popular social network or share/bookmark sites that supports button/badge for vote/share. I was inpired by the wordpres plugin “Digg Digg WordPress Plugin” which I am using in my blog for many days.

Social share/Vote button


Social Share/Vote Button plugin supports the following social network:

  • Facebook
  • for facebook share)
  • Twiter
  • Topsy(Alternative for twitter share)
  • Tweetmeme(Alternative for twitter share)
  • Diggg
  • Delicious
  • Stumble
  • Google Buzz
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Dzone
  • Facebook Like
  • Flattr
  • Reddit
  • linkedin

Social Share and Vote button now supports other components!

  • Content (com_content)
  • K2(com_k2)
  • Quickfaq (com_quickfaq)
  • Eventlist(com_eventlist)

Button positions

  • Before Article
  • After Article
  • Left Aligned
  • Right Aligned

Button Visibility and Control

  • Control Each button’s visibility(Show/Hide)
  • Exclude for specific section
  • Exclude for specific category
  • Exclude for specific menu id
  • Show/Hide on front page
  • Sort button as weight

There are options to show before content, after content, left float, right float

Again, there are options to show/hide button for home page/front page, category view, section view or for any sepecific category whatever you need.

I am working to sort by weight to show buttons oder as you need. Also will add redit. If you have other ideas let me know. Btw, adding lazzy load like the digg-digg plugin of wordpress will be cool, hope to add in my joomla plugin.

How to install

  • Download the plugin as zip
  • Install from joomla admin panel like any other joomla extension
  • Go to plugins page and “publish” the plugin
  • Configure the plugin as you need
  • Change order of that plugin for all content plugins to change the plugin action order so that buttons show near content perfectly…
  • that’s it baby!


Please Download from here
Note:As download system was making problem here, I moved it to my bzness domain for better support and service.

Support given via mail(Put mail subject as “Support for Social Share/Vote Button plugin” to sabuj at idea52 dot com) . If you need extra works like installation or other modification I will give support @rate $10/hr.

Note: You can get a free copy if you put a text link add with a follow rel in your site home page, contact me.

Change Log

  • V1.8 Date 02.12.2010
    • Added locale support for facebook like
    • Added linkedin share button
  • V1.7 Date 30.11.2010 [Keep backup of version1.6]
    • Added support for components K2, Quickfaq, Eventlist, more is coming soon
    • Fixed height problem in compact mode
    • Fixed compoct mode problem for Dzone
    • More idea is on the way to compile 🙂
    • Who paid for old versions please contact with me if need the new version.
  • V1.6 Date 17.11.2010
    • Added Flattr button
    • Added Reddit btuton
    • Download again for updated version.
  • V1.5 Date 09.10.2010
    • Fixed tag missing bug for Google buzz. Thank @ met
    • Fixed bug for other component like com_weblinks, com_contact etc that use same type plugin event I used in that plugin. Bug report here
  • V1.4 Date 22.09.2010
    • Added sorting by weights, low to high order
    • Fixed position problem for stubbleupon
  • Date 12.09.2010: Added height param for faceboo like, I am too lazy to finish all at a time 😛
  • V1.3 Date: 09.09.2010
    • Added width parameter for facebook like
  • V1.2 Date: 09.09.2010
    • Added Official twitter button
    • Added option to exclude section
    • Added option to exclude itemid
    • Fixed some bug and typing mistake 😛
  • 09.09.2010: Fixed link issue for category or blog view that was causing wrong share count in blog/section view. Thanks @Ioannis
  • 03.09.2010: A critical bug is fixed “Fatal error: Class ‘JSite’ not found in…” while saving content from admin panel. Thanks @ sspider. Every body is requested to download again. 🙁

Facebook Language Locale list

Country Locale
Catalan ca_ES
Czech cs_CZ
Welsh cy_GB
Danish da_DK
German de_DE
Basque eu_ES
English (Pirate) en_PI
English (Upside Down) en_UD
Cherokee ck_US
English (US) en_US
Spanish es_LA
Spanish (Chile) es_CL
Spanish (Colombia) es_CO
Spanish (Spain) es_ES
Spanish (Mexico) es_MX
Spanish (Venezuela) es_VE
Finnish (test) fb_FI
Finnish fi_FI
French (France) fr_FR
Galician gl_ES
Hungarian hu_HU
Italian it_IT
Japanese ja_JP
Korean ko_KR
Norwegian (bokmal) nb_NO
Norwegian (nynorsk) nn_NO
Dutch nl_NL
Polish pl_PL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT
Romanian ro_RO
Russian ru_RU
Slovak sk_SK
Slovenian sl_SI
Swedish sv_SE
thai th_th
Turkish tr_tr
Kurdish ku_tr
Simplified Chinese (China) zh_CN
traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) zh_HK
traditional Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW
Leet Speak fb_LT
Afrikaans af_ZA
Albanian sq_AL
Armenian hy_AM
Azeri az_AZ
Belarusian be_BY
Bengali bn_IN
Bosnian bs_BA
Bulgarian bg_BG
Croatian hr_HR
Dutch (België) nl_BE
English (UK) en_GB
Esperanto eo_EO
Estonian et_EE

View Demo

To see demo you can check my portfolio page.

So use it, enjoy it and don’t forget to let me know how you like this new baby. Have a nice joomla time.


  1. I was wondering if there was a quick and easy way to add the button positions BOTH before & after the content at the same time.

    Thank you, can’t wait for the next update 🙂

  2. Hey there, I have to admit this is by far the best plug in for social buttons so well dont mate. I do however have a problem with one of my sites that it will not down load so I was wondering if you could shed some light on this for me.

    The error is as below.

    It was not possible to copy the selected file.

    JInstaller::install: Failed to copy file: /home/mjjcommu/public_html/site/tmp/install_4d028cb2589d1/socialshareandvotebutton/delicious.png to /home/mjjcommu/public_html/site/plugins/content/socialshareandvotebutton/delicious.png

    I get that when I am trying to upload in Joomla via the install functions

    Many thanks.

  3. <blockquote cite="comment-12554">

    Luca: Hi,thank you again for this great plugin, it works brilliantly.I have a small issue with my rockettheme template. When I use the roktabs module (it scrolls articles via a tab system) your plugin does not recognize the IDs of the articles or sections in the exclude.I exclude the articles/sections that are used in roktabs, but the share buttons appear anyway.Is there a way around this?Anyway thanks for the great plugin,Luca

    send me a copy of rocktab, I will check.

    sabuj at idea52 dot com

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