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Published but pending problem in joomla

I don’t want to introduce you with joomla. I wana share a problem and it’s solution(that I used) with you. Some times we work in localhost and after completing our project we transfer the database from localcopy to web but some problem I faced that some items are published but pending…that’s why they are not shown. I am not sure why this happens . May be some date problem with server and localhost. I didn’t get any solution by global checking. Then I changed the date of the published but pending items to one week(may be need more) back and it’s worked. I am working on joomla 1.0.14. No idea is it solved in joomla 1.5 or why this happens but I got solution for my problem .


  1. @minhaj

    If one week back is not working then pls change more weeks like two or three. It should work. The main problem is like "somehting published in future…!!" and the joomla take it published but pending.

    I face this problem in office when I upload db from local host to a like running in vmware.

  2. no this bug has not been fixed. i am using joomla 1.5 same problem. It sucks. i tried one week back trick doesnt work for me.

  3. Yeah same problem on Joomla 1.5.x Just set the initial publication date back a bit and then it's happy.

  4. Hehe… I love it when people post such "creative" solutions – your toe is itching, so cut your leg off 😉 Sure, you can spend next three weeks moving your site to Drupal, good luck 😉

    What you have mentioned is a bug, and has been fixed in 1.5.1. I am not sure about 1.0.15, though.

  5. I noticed that joomla is changing the date ahead to UTC or GMT+0 instead of using the time zone set in the config. I bet somewhere in the code the software is looking up the "system's" time, which in my case is set to UTC or GMT+0

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