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New theme “Chitra2009”

For somedays I was thinking to make a new wordpress theme for my own blog and  I did at last. My new theme is live now though it’s not completed yet but working fine. I gave my theme name “Chitra2009” as the name of river Chitra . I like my theme and hope u will like this. The theme is little bit special as it loads faster and ajax based. Max widgets are ajaxified and the theme specially supports some popular plugins. I have used jQuery as js library and for ajax works. I got the design concept from and

Still I need to do many thing. BTW, there is a special feature for bengali community as the theme can be used for bangla unicode blog too (But for personal blog, I didn’t think multi user blog). As bengali fonts are small , there is a option to write bangla and english in same post with same font size in frontend with a special tag. Even the whole post can be mark as bangla so that the title and post text every things is shown in large bangla font.

I want to make this theme free for all and it will be released under GPL or some thing like that at the end of feb,2009. I want your kind feedback to improve it.


  1. Bhaia theme ta sundor hoise………….

    Eitai ekta jinish add korte paren: Home e thakar somoi kono post er details e click korle notun page e jabe na, okhanei load hobe page ta.

    • @seoul
      Thank you for your comment. The theme is not finished yet and I have some idea to improve this and will keep in mind about your tips.

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