Conflict between WP Security scanner plugin and Avatar Display

I think you are not clear yet about my post title. But I am posting this because I faced this problem in my blog. I used Gravatar to show comment author’s avatar in my blog’s comment page. But for some days avatar was not displayed in comment page and it’s was really big pain for me why the avatar was not showing ???? 🙁 . I checked the avatar display setting and didn’t find any problem there. At last I lost hope to solve this problem. One thing is I like to solve problem and max time I am passionate to solve my problems 😀 .

Today, at noon I had a good sleep and when I woke up, some thing came to my mind about my blog. I got the solution about my problem. Currently I am using 100 plugins(both active and inactive) in blog and WP Security Scan 2.3 is one of theme. Wp Security Scan has a feature that it can hide the wp version. 😛 Continue reading