Adding vertical fixed feedback button

update: 06.09.2010
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The Story

If you still didn’t notice, please check again there is a vertical feedback button in my blog , right side. So, sometimes people asks me how to do that ,,, any one can read the source code or having debug tool like firebug for firefox can see the source code and add in his own site. But max time, it’s true that we don’t want to learn by reading or google about any problem, we just ask other to get ready made solution. Even we don’t write in forums about our problems …. grr…

So here is answer of the those question, “How I added the vertical feedback button?”

I know how html works and how css works , I know where to edit in wordpress theme. So many days ago I saw that in a site and copied the source code and image and added in my site 😛
I am showing for default wordpress theme tweentyten and all paths shown bellow are windows style as windows is my primary os.

Step1: Copy this image to your wp-contentthemestwentytenimages folder first.

Step2: Open style.css file from wp-contentthemestwentyten dir and ready to add some css code 🙂
Step3: In the file style.css file at last line add the following css codes
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