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Tinybn for wordpress

Yah, I know my developed tinybn (an ekushey project ,  tinymce plugin to write bangla in tinymce editor) has so many bugs and even I will recommend not to use in any live :P. But we are crazy to write bangla in web in any condition… heh heh.. hmm I didn’t get time to update the scripts. Though updated them to make compatible for tinymce3.x. Yes, I am so lazy …I didn’t udpate the lastest version in ekushey 🙁

Even I made a plugin for wordpress to use this plugin in wordpress editor in Visual mode (that means tinymce is enabled :D).hmm I didn’t release this too. Let me release this for every body. Please keep this mind that it has bugs, yes it has so many bugs but I will be happy if ppl use this and give me feedback so that I can update this when I am free.

Let me show how the tinybn plugin in wordpress will show [ Screenshot taken from my blog,wp2.8.2]

How to use:
1. Download the zip given here for download and then unzip.
2. Copy the folder wp_tinybn_fixed to your wodpress plugin dir.
3.Activate the plugin
4. Try to write any new post/page in visual mode
Licence: GPL2
[download id=”8″]

Any kind of negative and positive comment/feedback is welcome 🙂

version 2.1 released
1. Fixed bug for js if the language mode is in bangla :P. That was my mistake to migrate the plugin from tinymce2.x compatible to 3.x. I forgot to change the language file setting for bangla language and I didn’t use this plugin while bangla is active in backend :(. Oh I have to fix same thing for jce version of tinybn.
2. Special thank to Hasan


  1. wow its really very nice. i m using this for my bangla blog. brother is there anything like this for comments section? i really need this. plz inform me ASAP. it will be really great full to u.


  2. Dear Brother,

    Thanks for your great plugins. When i use it my local server then it nice work upto WP 2.9.1. But when i run it in real server that time it does not work that show only ????. In my PC there is bangla front & in my browser i also select the character encoding in unicode. What's my problem ? I want to write & reading bangla in my site in

    Thanks for your time.


  3. hello bro, can you give me any update about integrating you nice tinybn plugin into tinymcecomments plugin? Thanks in advance.

  4. Yes it uses tinymce script. One thing I also notice that in IE6 it takes a tittle time to print characters. Thanks you.

  5. Dear Manchumahara, Thank you very much for this great plugin. I have just implemented it to Techtunes. I am very much interested for improving the plugin. I will definitely help you to improve the plugin. can you plz tell me how can it be integrate with <a href="">Tinymce Comment Plugin</a>? So that user can get rich comment editor . Thanks.

    • @Mehedi

      If the plugin tinymcecomments use the tinymce script then my answer is "yes". I will check the plugin and give u feedback soon. Thank you.

  6. my firebug console give me this message

    tinyMCE.addToLang is not a function
    post-new.php()post-new.php (line 3229)
    [Break on this error] keyboard_english:'English' \r\n

    • kill me pls !..
      I didn't check the plugin if bangla is active in backend and it was really hard for me to produce the same error. As first I made the plugin for tinymce2.x and when I migrate the plugin for tinymce3.x I forgot to change the bangla language pack :(. I have updated it with new version and pls check and let me know. Though I didn't check this in bangla mode but hope this will work. thank you for reporting bug.

  7. after activing the plugin the toolbar of post new panel gets vanish. would you please help me to solve the problem? The WordPress version is 2.8.2.

    • Hi Hasan, I am using this in wp2.8.3 and may be using this plugin from wp2.7 and didn't get such problem. Can you pls try to install the plugin in a fresh wp installation and check again. Another thing, if you are using firebug in firefox, do you get any js error ? Again pls check in firefox from Tools-> Error console is there any js error related to the keyboard scripts ? Lastly if you want to give me access in your live site then I can check personally. Thank you for your feedback. I really want to fix bug if there any.

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