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Google on screen keyboard for bengali language

Some days ago I came to know about the google’s on screen keyboard for writing bangla. Many of us use google as home page. Google provide two types of home page one is ‘classic home page ‘ that we maximum people use  and second one is iGoogle home page. igoogle is personalized home page. It’s like pageflakes home that means many small application like email reader, google reader, dictionary, search etc can be add and remove any time to this page… Goolge has a this type of api for it’s igoogle page for writing bangla(বাংলা-bn) and it’s name is on screen bangla keyboard.

Any one can add this to his/her google home page.To add it just click here.

Have fun with this google api if you like to like to write bangla in webpage.
note: this api just works in google home page and no where…

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